Dont know what motherboard to get? Please help

Hey I'm a first time PC builder. so far I have chosen the Intel core i7 4770k and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780. I just don't Know what motherboard to get. I will be using my PC mainly Gaming and uploading YouTube videos. If possible i would like it to have a black and green color scheme. I would like sort of a darker green similar to the words on the GTX 780.
Could you please

a) How much should I be spending?
b) Any suggestions on motherboards

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    well you can spend anything from around £50 to £300 but for the components you have selected I would go for a motherboard at the £100-£150 range with the option of some more expensive motherboards thrown in.

    So your Expensive top of the range are as follows:

    all of the above are great over clockers and also ranging from the overpriced to the ridiculous. then there are these that will give you a fully functioning, stable and well built platform for you to add some top of the range hardware to:

    although anything from here would do:

    Look around and find what one you like and ask what's good just Search Google for LGA1150 motherboard and see what you find the drop me a message and I can check its compatible with your components for you if you would like.

    Hope this helps!
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