No video signal (new build)

my new build specs are.

i7 4770k
XFX 7970

i plugged in everyrthing with an old radeon card(VGA) and it worked well. i plugged in my XFX 7970(bought months ago which i was using before i got this build) and the monitor(DVI) said check signal cable. the GPU was working since the fans are spinning. what is wrong with my pc?
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  1. update. when i remove the xfx 7970, the computer boots up fine.
  2. are you seeing no signal?
    can you test the 7970 in another build as it sounds like it may be dead... possible static shock when you removed it from the old system.
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    make sure the motherboard bios has all of it bios updates installed. make sure the 8 pin pci power plug on the edge of the mb is connected.
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