Best fan setup for CM Storm Trooper?

Hello everyone :D

I'm going to buy the CM Storm Trooper. And I would like to replace the top and rear fans.( I heard that the top 200mm is loud and the rear 140 mm wont work that well).
I'm not going to be putting any radiators.

So could you guys help me at choosing the best fans for a silent system with good airflow
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  1. The best fans are Noctua but they are expensive, at about $20 a fan. The next best is Corsair's SP Silent edition ones. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks. Going with the Corsairs. (Looks better in my opinion)
    And if I want to put a top 240mm radiator, will I need the SP Silent or SP Performance? I'm not going to do that much overclocking.
    ( + Is the performance edition loud ). I don't like a very loud system.

    Going to put the case in the livingroom, where my family members are going to "relax". So yeah. Silent or Performance?
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    I'd go with the silent if I were you. Here's a diagram to help you with fan placement:

    If you buy a 240mm radiator water cooler, it should come with fans unless you do custom loop. You can replace the fans on it though and if you did, they should probably be silent edition too. But on the topic of cooling, I'd recommend a Noctua NH-D14 or Phanteks PH-TC14PE over a water cooler for price/performance ratio. If you want a good, cheap cooler then a Hyper 212 would be great for a light overclock.
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