What PC case should I get?


This is my soon to be PC and when I was looking for cases i couldn't find a nice looking one.
I just picked a case my friend recommended to get this case.

Can you guys pick me a case please?

My budget is 200£
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  1. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/fractal-design-case-fdcadefr4tiw
    looking for one with a window?? without?? white/black or blue case??
    colored leds??
  2. At that price point I'd say go for either something like a Coolermaster HAF X or a Corsair Obsidian 800D. Personally I'd lean toward the 800D, though it is a bit more expensive over there than it is in the US.
  3. Cases are such a personal preference that people are just going to recommend what they like. Personally I like simple designs. I've always felt the transformer/storm trooper/ricer/bling cases a little silly looking. That's why I use the Antec Sonata III ( http://store.antec.com/Product/enclosure-sonata_family/sonata-iii-500/0-761345-15137-5.aspx ).
  4. Antec 1100

    Excellent cooling and lots of room

    and dont buy 4 x4 gig of RAM. Get 2 x8 if you are fitting 16 gig . And make sure its rated 1.5 volts or LESS.
  5. It depends on what you are looking for. If you need something for style and cool factor, or if you need something for utility and functionality. For example, I personally went with the Corsair Obsidian 750D case for functionality, because I have a dog that sheds a lot (Siberian Husky). And this particular case comes with EXTERNAL dust filters for almost every intake AND exhaust openings of the case. This makes it very easy for me to perform maintenance on the tower itself. I also needed a full tower because of the video card I got was a 780, but the EVGA supercool model with 2 fans on it. So I wanted the heat from the video card to be able to dissipate within the case and not effect the other parts. That is something minor, but it is my pet peeve.

    So bottom line is, do you need something for functionality or style?
  6. Cooler Master HAF Stacker , but it's not out yet.

    Here is their mini site
  7. 750D reportedly has bad build quality.
    I would say Fractal Design Define R4 with a Window.
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