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Hello people.

I am interested in buying a laptop in 800$ range primarily for gaming and general usage.The series i am interested in is the Dell Inspiron n5537 Haswell i7 4500U + amd radeon HD 8850m(ddr3 version)-8gb ram-1TB HDD-1366x768 lcd..The gpu no doubt is in the midrange performance mark and i believe is sufficient for medium high gaming at 1366 x768 or 1600x900 resolutions..The trouble is 4500u is a dual core with 4 threads and i think the cpu will actually bottleneck the gpu :( ,mabye lower fps in games?.The games nowadays are optimized for quad cores and i have no idea whether the processor would hold its might during gaming or suck big time?Please advise is it a good combo or not..

I have observed there are no genuine benchmarks for the 8850m over the net.I have browsed through and there are no gaming bechmarks as of yet.In terms of performance does the 8850m exceed gt650m? Is it on par with gtx 660m?Is memory bandwidth of 32GB/sec sufficient?I know ddr3 + 128bit bus is a bit turn off but my budget is low and i am alien to gpu science.Do you think 8850m is sufficient?

I have observed AMD mobile lineup is more affordable than its geforce counterparts.This is the best GPU i could find in my price range,the geforce ones are over 1k dollars

Also adding m options are quite limited as i live in Pakistan.Performance laptops are way too overpriced here,thus we are forced to buy mainstream laptops of dell,hp and other companies..
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    Take a look at the Lenovo Y Series, they have 14" and 15" models that are around your budget, all equipped with a GTX 750m.
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  2. SIr can you link the specific model.Unfortunately y series is officially not available here and are priced over 1.1k dollars the gt 650 2gb ddr5 +i7 3rd gen version
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  3. I'm referring to these models:

    Where are you buying from?
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  4. As painful it may be,the y series is not available in my country and importing one is way too messy.(I am buying from Pakistan)

    i am interested in this laptop

    here are some local sites offering various models

    if you got time please refer me a competitive model among the laptops advertised
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  5. still waiting..any1 who actually own a 8850m laptop?
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  6. how about asus g75vw
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  7. PepitoTV said:
    Take a look at the Lenovo Y Series, they have 14" and 15" models that are around your budget, all equipped with a GTX 750m.

    i think it's a gt 650m not a GTX 750m.
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  8. I look at some review and i think this will do.

    The HP Pavilion dv6-6135dx Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Quad-Core A8-3500M 2.4GHz, 6GB DDR3, 640GB HDD, Blu-ray, 15.6" Display, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit this laptop can play most newwer games albeit on medium-low settings.

    By the way i think a radeon 8850m is on par with a gtx 660m.
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  9. i'm also interested in this laptop. But the problem is the same as yours.And one more problem is about its operating system as there is not windows8 or windows7 already installed on this laptop.
    Have you bought this laptop??
    please guide me.
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