Asus M51Va - 8GB RAM - is this possible?

Hi guys. I was just wondering if 8 GB of RAM can be installed in Asus M51Va laptop. It came with 2-4 GB of RAM usually, and has 2 memory slots.

Anyone tried this? Does this configuration support 8 GB RAM?

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  1. Thanks, but I found another info that this model supports 8 GB RAM, that's why I'm not sure what to do.

    I thought the same as you (4 GB max), but then found a website that had different info and even different versions of the same M51Va model, here:

    It says: Max RAM Supported 8 GB

    There are other models that support 4 GB RAM, like these two:

    That's why I'm not sure what's the catch.

    Also, now I'm not sure how make sure which model I have actually, and here is why: it is not my computer and friends asked me for advice; the computer label reads M51V and I think I somehow identified it online as M51Va (with this "a" in the end), but I forgot how I did it back then (it was sometimes last year, but friends revived that topic now, as they finally decidet to upgrade the machine and use it for a bit more). So I think I identified it as M51Va, but it's label says only M51V, and Asus website has M51Va and M51Vr, but not M51V.

    Any advice how to decide which model it REALLY is, just to make sure, and then where to confirm this RAM capacity question?

    Thanks again.


    p.s. It may be that we are talking about this one:
    (Sold in Australia.)
    MOdel: M51VA AS045G

    When I modify this address to make it reflect model change (AS045G), and try this address:,
    I get info about ASUS M51Va AP016C model and, again, that it supports 8 GB RAM.
  2. I found more info, the laptop use the intel PM45 chipset and from intel website: Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 8 GB.

    So I think the max RAM size will depend on the ASUS, if they do have BIOS update, then you may use the 8GB but I don't know they have the BIOS or not, because I can't find the info.

    You can ask your friend go to the Crucial website, download and run the "Crucial System Scanner" to find out how much RAM your friend can upgrade to.
  3. Thanks cin19.

    You gave me good info. I googled my own email to find the info (now that you've mentioned CRUCIAL I remembered how I got that "A" after M51V: it was CRUCIAL website that identified the computer as M51VA).

    Here is the link that I sent to myself back then, that CRUCIAL automatically detected:

    Crucial says Maximum Memory: 4GB for M51Va model.

    Any idea how to find out what BIOS supports?
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    If the laptop is the M51Va, download the BIOS ( version BIOS 211 ) from asus, after that run the "Crucial System Scanner". Then you or your friend will know.

  5. Thanks a lot. I will do that and will post final info after I get it (and after we install the memory, just to make sure).

    Thanks again, you really helped us a lot!
  6. Asus M51Va said:
    Thanks a lot. I will do that and will post final info after I get it (and after we install the memory, just to make sure).

    Thanks again, you really helped us a lot!

    By no way you can upgrade your RAM to 8GB.

    See, your RAM is limited to maximum of 4GB, more details are here: ASUS/ASmobile M Series Notebook M51 Series M51Va
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