Sony PS-LX3000USB turntable: listening through USB without fuzz

Okay so I have this sony turntable, and I'm trying to run the audio from it (through usb) to my computer and then out from my computer's Xonar sound card to my stereo system (which has only 1 set of RCA inputs unfortunately; I had the turntable plugged into the stereo along with my computer through a pair of RCA splitters, but this messed up volume levels and was generally unpleasant.)

I'm running windows 7, and as it stands now, I can get sound from the turntable to come out of the speakers by setting the turntables USB codec as the default recording device, and then setting it to listen. The problem with this is that when I don't have music playing through the turntable, there is a loud hissing sound. The only way to get rid of this is to uncheck the 'listen to this device' box under the recording device settings.

Is there an easy way to set this up so that I don't have to continually go in and check and uncheck that box when I want to listen to the turntable?

thanks guys
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  1. Since you don't mention wanting to rip LPs I would just add a switch like this
    to your setup and forget about running through the PC. You can't split an input you need a switch.
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