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I have a Asus CG-5290 and I was wondering if I have enough room to replace my current graphics card (GTX260) with a EVGA GTX650Ti Boost card.
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  1. Should yes
  2. Ok now my other question is how do I go about swapping the cards out for each other?
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    Before you do, make sure you have the needed PCI-E power connectors for the new card available, then shut down, unplug, remove the old card and install the new one, plug in it's power, plug in the rig and start it up - go to the GPUs site and download the latest Drivers (if newer than what you already have) and tuning software for your new GPU and your ready to go
  4. How do I find out if I have the correct PCI-E power connectors? Is there a site I can go to to view that?
  5. The 650TI Boost requires a 6 PIN PCI-E Connector from the PSU
  6. 1 x PCI
    1 x PCI-e x 1
    2 x PCI-e x 16
    Thats what it says I have/
  7. INto the PCI-Ex16 closest to the CPU generally
  8. And is this a good card to buy Also I dont know if I have enough power supply for a card this size. If I do need a new power supply some suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. I like SeaSonic, Corsair and RaidMax are reasonable, I'd look for a 500 w/ 24 min on the 12 volt rail
  10. Does my case have enough space for a power supply unit of that size?
  11. Yes they are pretty much a standard size
  12. Would this one be ok If you have any links for units you would suggest that would be helpful also.
  13. That'll work just fine ;)
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