GTX660 SLI or GTX 770 for Triple 1080p Screen Setup

I am currently running three ASUS VS247's in surround mode with an old ACER V203H as an auxiliary screen on my GTX660, this gets a nice frame rate on games I mostly play i.e. LoL, Burnout Paradise and Black Ops 2 however for the next games coming out this year like the new CoD and BF4 I doubt my system will keep up with a resolution of 5 760 x 1 080.

Should I SLI my current GTX 660 or upgrade to a GTX 770 and SLI that later?
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    660's in SLI will play in surround but you will have to play on low or med settings. A single 770 will do it but again on low or med. 2 770's will do it nicely but you might want to look at 4gb cards.
  2. Yeah, very justified cheers for the advice. :)
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