i cannot play any games on my laptop

can someone who knows what is going on please help me i cannot acess any of my games i dont know what you need me to do so that you can help me fix it but will give u all the info if you tell me where to find it
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  1. Hello. All your games just stopped working? Can you clarify, what you mean by can't access them. What Operating system are you using?
  2. i am using windows 7
  3. most of my games are on steam but the ones that arent still dont work
  4. the only way i can explain is when i try to connect to them they dont work i got this page when i tried to launch terraria
  5. Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentLoadException:Error loading ''image/IceBarrier''. file not found SystemIO.FileNotFoundExeption
  6. and more abou steam and microsoft framework
  7. Stop rapid fire posting please, this is a forum not a chat channel. Heh
  8. ok what else do you need to know
  9. Well the problem with Terraria is that it didn't install correctly. Try installing XNA again. Apparently there is an install executable in your Terraria install folder. Or maybe uninstall it and re-install it.

    ...but you say all your steam games don't load?

    Did you do something recently to your computer? Someone had a similar problem that turned out to be his graphics driver had been corrupted.

    Right-click anywhere on your desktop and choose screen resolution. From there click Advanced Settings and tell me what your adapter type is.
  10. Full details of your system including make and model. Any other things that might be relevant? System crashes? Windows errors? Did the problems start out of nowhere or has it been getting worse......you know all those thing that might help us help you.

    And this is a forum so just think of everything you need to say and post once ;)
  11. Search Windows for Cmd. Right click on Cmd and select "Run as Administrator". Type sfc/scannow. Wait for about 10 minutes and that should fix any broken/wrong files. Goodluck :)
    Also, you could try defragmenting your hard drive (search Windows for Disk Defragment).
  12. ok ill try all 3 of these solutions at once
  13. my graphic card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
  14. i had to shut down my computer and when i turned on it showed the windows recovery thing i started windows normally and the specs are 3072mb ram windows 7 ultimate 64 bite AMD athlon 2 p340 dual core processor directx 11 300gb hard drive
  15. dell inspiron m5030
  16. ok fingers crossed
  17. its says some were unfixable but wont let me open the file
    i am the administrator but doesnt give me the option to open as administrator help
  18. im still doin disk defrag if that works thank you so far the first step helped
  19. A disk defrag is not going to fix anything. Is your copy of Windows and were all your games legally purchased?

    Do you have an antivirus program installed? Is your Windows update turned on and is it completely up to date?
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