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My wifi provider disconnected us because my roomate did not pay the bill. The man that helped us said he changed our IP address. When I troubleshoot it says the DNS server is not responding. I've tried ipconfig /DNS and it successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache. When I put in ipconfig /release it said ( an error occurred while releasing interface wifi: an address has not yet been associated with the network endpoint) I'm stuck here any help? I've got a billion essays to write and music to study and I don't want to go to the library it's snowing hard! Thanks! I have a windows 8 pro build 9200 on an Inspiron dell laptop.
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  1. First, do you now actually have wireless service? Was "the man that helped" you from your ISP?

    Do you mean that he got into your computer and changed the IP address of the computer? If so, I would go into the network control panel, change adapter settings, and make sure that he did not give the computer a static address -- i.e that it automatically obtains an IP address from the gateway.

    If you mean that he changed the IP address of your wireless router, then instead what I would do is go into the computer network control panel, manage wireless networks, and delete your wireless network, then restart allowing the computer to find all nearby wireless networks, then select yours and enter your passkey.

    I would also insure that your DNS is automatically obtained from the gateway if he got into your computer. If that doesn't seem to work you can use the Google public DNS servers and, although usually slower than your ISP DNS.
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