Will an Athlon x4 750k work on an aahd3-bc motherboard?

According to the one website I've read, that had specs, this board only works with APU's. Am I misinformed? It doesn't make sense to me that a board would only support integrated graphics, especially when you could effectively turn your apu into a plain CPU anyway with a dedicated gpu. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, John.
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    It is an FM1 board so the Athlon 750K (socket FM2) will not work has to be 6xx series.
  2. Yes it should work. Basically the GPU portion of that chip is disabled. You will of course need a dedicated GPU and the video outputs on your motherboard will not work.
  3. Ah good point, if the motherboard is FM1 then it won't work with an FM2 CPU.
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