Red and Green dotted pixels all over the screen after Battlefield 4 session.

Hi guys,

I installed battlefield 4 yesterday on my pc and played then game for about an hour and then I shutdown the system.

This morning when I boot my screen is filled with red and green dots making it almost unwatchable. I did a driver update after the game asked me to update to 13.9, it ran fine that time.

Today after the above mentioned problem I reverted back to 13.8 but no good.. I also installed the latest beta drivers from AMD but that didn't work too.

The Red dots remain even after I disconnect the monitor from the cpu.. So is it a problem with the GC or the monitor?

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    If the dots remain after you unplugged the monitor from the graphics card, then it's probably the monitor gone bad, try the PC with other monitors or TVs if you can and see if it goes away
  2. your graphic card goes bad. you need RMA
  3. Try another monitor or atleast another video cable
  4. your gpu probably overheated while playing bf4....the bf4 game damaged your gpu....
    try reinstalling windows
    try other monitor
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