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Hi, so as the title says I'm having internet issues, both wireless and ethernet. I'll start with I have Verizon high speed internet (something along those lines), which says "20 mbps" which I don't expect, but I'm not even getting 1 mbps, on top of that, I will be connected for a short time and then will be disconnected (yellow exclamation over the internet sign) Both wireless and ethernet, on multiple computers and my Iphone. I have an actiontec gt784wnv router, which I know isn't the best, but it is plugged directly into the wall, i've replaced the phone cord that goes to the wall, my ethernet cord is brand new, i've tried all of the basics. I feel like i'm missing something very obvious, but im at a loss. maybe its something to do with the ethernet cord that goes to a direct tv adapter, so i get internet on the tv, if you have any ideas, any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Also, I realize after I posted that this is in the wrong section, so I apologize
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  1. Could be a lot of issues, most ISP's, if you call them, will send a technician to your house to help diagnose the problem. I have Comcast and one time I had the same sort of issue, they sent a technician in the next day and replaced my router.

    First I'd try to turn the router off, unplug the power cord, and let it reset, which usually means keeping it off like this for about 30-45 seconds and then plugging it back in and trying again. If all else fails, call Verizon.
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