Problem with TRIM support using OCZ Revodrive 3

Hello, I am having a slight problem with my OCZ Revodrive 3 120gb SSD.
This is a review of it:

This drive supports trim and I thought it was working properly, but it isnt.
Yesterday my windows score droped from 7,9 to 7,6 for storage. I think that this is to low and when I checked HDD sentinel it reports that Trim is supported but disabled.
I have latest OCZ driver for windows, In MB. bios I selected AHCI mode( but I think it isnt related much since my SSD uses PCIExpress rather than SATA port). And I also chacked in cmd if trim is enabled and it says it is.

You can see everything in posted pictures at the end of this post.

It will be a big help to solve this and have trim enabled for real, because I bought such drive to be fast not to lose "horsepower" slowly.

Thanks for your help.

SSD itself:

Latest driver from OCZ website:

Windows reports TRIM enabled:

HDD sentinels massage that TRIM is supported but bissabled:
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  1. Dates back to 2011 and still no update from the manufacturers.....

    Here is something you need to read...,2967.html
  2. You are basicly saying that Revodrive 3 has cripled TRIM support ?
  3. The Revo has TRIM support ok.... but, Windows doesn't support TRIM in a RAID array... or is not able to implement it in the desired way, thus the disability.
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Problem with TRIM support using OCZ Revodrive 3. Storage