Which graphics card is better

Below are 2 graphics cards with similar prices. Which card is better and what makes it better?
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  1. The HD7870 is better because it is more powerful.
  2. What makes it more powerful?
  3. Hello... each card has different connector combinations... 7870 has Passmark score of 4252 and the 7850 is 3716... 1280 stream processors vs 1024... I would call it less than "Powerful difference"... but proven better.
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    It has more stream processors 1280 vs 1024. But really they are compared here look at the table at the bottom
  5. 7850 : 1000mhz core clock, 1024 stream processors, 1x 6pin power connector

    7870 : 1050mhz core clock, 1280 stream processors, 2x 6pin power connector
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