My First Build .......

Guys this is my first build plzz help me if there is something wrong in this build. Also what I can improve in this build ! Thx Guys!

Ps: Sorry for bad english!
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  1. What will you do on the computer?
  2. lol wait till they open
    ps: open
  3. Valentin_N said:
    What will you do on the computer?

    Gaming :=
  4. will you also overclock?
  5. Valentin_N said:
    will you also overclock?

    I dont think so :O
  6. If you're not going to overclock, then you can stick with the stock cooler that comes with the CPU, also get a none-K version of the CPU. If you're just going to use that build for gaming, an i5 processor is enough.
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    If your purpose is gaming, I suggest you reverse your cpu and gpu budget.
    Use a 3570K which will actually perform better and cost less.
    Up the graphics to a GTX760 or GTX770 which has come down in price.

    A 500w psu can handle a GTX660, or a GTX760.
    But, a 600-650w unit should not be more expensive. With such a psu, it will not need to work so hard under load and be quieter. If needed, 650W can run even the strongest GTX780ti or R90290X in the future.
    Your i7-3770 can not be overclocked; there is no reason for an aftermarket cooler.
    If you use a 3570k(or 4670K) then buy a air cooler like a cm hyper212.

    I would defer on case fans until you actually see if you need them. With most cases, you will not.

    To address your "waiting to open" comment, I strongly suggest a SSD.
    120gb will hold the os and a handful of games. with 240gb, you may never need a hard drive at all. I suggest you defer on the hard drive until you need it for bulk storage of video files or backups.
    Samsung EVO would be my preference. Intel would be next.
  8. Socket 1155 - this is a good as it can get. The powersupply is very good and will last you for some time. With the motherboard you can increase the cpu with 400MHz and the blck to max 105MHz

    Case: fractal design R4.
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