Can my PSU handle this build? What if it can't?

I have a CHIEFTEC CTG-500-80P, 500W ATX PSU and I just bought a Sapphire HD 7950 and i'm planning on getting a better psu some time soon, but what I'd like to know is if I can put the 7950 in my PC right now.
my current build:
Intel Core I5 3570k@ 4.3 GHz with a cooler master hyper 212 EVO cooler
Asus P8 Z77 V motherboard
HD 5770(soon to be replaced with 7950)
2xHDD Western Digital 1TB

So, can my current PSU handle this? And i'm just wondering, what would happen if i put the 7950 in and the psu couldn't handle it? Would the pc just keep restarting, would it even start and is there a chance that it may cause some damage to itself or any other component?
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  1. Your PSU unfortunately has two 12V rail, both capable of delivering 20A of current.
    A 7950 draws about 140W while gaming. This means it needs about 13A.
    Now, it depends on how the rails are distributed in this PSU. If one rail is entirely dedicated to power the GPU, you are good to go. This would give 13A/20A=65% of rail load. But if the rail is shared with something else, like CPU, then it won't be able to provide enough current. Furthermore, it has only one 6+2 PCI-E power connector. This means you will have to use molex->PCI-E adapters, which further complicates things.

    Overloading the PSU can have many outcomes. Weak 3D performance, crashing while gaming, resets or shutdowns of the PC, freezing. In worst case PSU can explode and kill some other components.
  2. With its 400watts on the +12 volts it should handle the card for the time being. You would have stability issues if it does not handle it like sudden shut downs.
    The info I get has it having 2 x 6pin PCIe power
  3. I found a review, describing the rails distribution.
    Main 24pin power connector and half of EPS12V are powered by one rail.
    Second one provides power for the rest of connectors.

    This is not good, with OCed 3570, I'd say this is not enough for 7950.
    It probably will work, but at least one of the rails will be loaded to its limit. I wonder how long the PSU will last.

    Review (in polish):
  4. I am guessing that it would work. Try it.
    If the psu does not supply sufficient power under increased 3d gaming load, you would expect to see display artifacts. Or, a drop in fps, or possibly a shutdown. So long as the psu is not faulty, you should be ok.

    I am uncertain about chieftec quality. A low quality psu can cause damage to other parts if it fails. A low quality psu will not deliver advertised power.

    If you replace the psu, overprovision a bit with a 650w unit from a quality maker like Seasonic.
    A stronger psu will run quieter and be more efficient. A 650w unit can support any single modern graphics card out there, including a R9-290X, or GTX780ti.
  5. I tried it, it works, so far it's working fine. I stress tested the cpu and gpu at the same time for a couple of hours and i saw no problems with the PSU... so far so good :)
  6. What I expected to see, chieftec is little known but is an OK product not bottom barrel.
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