Which on these cases will best suit my needs?

Hey, Mike2012 here. My current case is an OEM Dell Case and it can barely fit my HD 7850 OC in there. Eventually, I'm looking to upgrade to an HD 7950, but I know this current case won't fit it.

So in a previous thread, a guy recommended me a few cases that might fit the HD 7950.

I'm going to choose between one of these:
Storm Enforcer

NZXT Phantom

Or the cheaper... HAF 912...

Basically, I need a case that can fit an mAtx motherboard and also a standard ATX power supply, with no hassle. In my OEM Dell case, it was kind of a hassle to switch the power supply. Also, it has to be able to fit the newest graphics cards like the HD 7970 and the GTX 680, with no hassle.

So which one of these cases do you think would be best for me?
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  1. Value for money go with the HAF 912. They will all work.
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    They will all do the job.
    Buy the one that visually appeals to you. You will be looking at it through several builds.
    Bust your budget if you need to.

    If space is an issue to you, like me, I can vouch for the Silverstone TJ08-E
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