Updated to 8.1, Mouse No Longer Works


So just last night I made the upgraded to 8.1 to find my mouse no longer works.

The mouse works on my laptop, as well as in the BIOS of the desktop in question, but not in safe mode.

In device manager it says "Microsoft USB Wheel Mouse Optical - Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing."

I've tried uninstalling the driver, plugging the mouse in to various USB ports, disabling & enabling USB controller settings in BIOS, uninstalling as many USB controllers in device manager before my keyboard stops working.

I'm out of ideas. At this point, is there anyway to go back to Windows 8 without losing my files?

The motherboard is an ASRock 970 Extreme3.

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  1. go to the mouse manufacturers site and see if they have an update... likely you will have to use another pc to do it though...
  2. The drivers for the Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical are located here from Microsoft. Installing the Windows 8 driver should resolve your issue.

    In regards to returning to Windows 8 without losing your files, you can use the Refresh and Restore feature of Windows 8 to return to the original installation environment without losing your personal data, but you may lose installed applications and need to reinstall them.
  3. So its not the drivers. My mouse is a Windows mouse, & the recomended driver is the Mouse & Keyboard Center 2.2 64 bit. When I go to install this, it tells me it is already installed.
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