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So look, I know that the next gen games (BF4, Watchdogs etc.) are going to destroy my rig. I have a 3220 and a 7770 Ghz Ed.
I'm thinking about a 3770k (for rendering and streaming, necessary) and a GTX 770. I'll be picking one of these up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so my question is: which one do I need more to run the next gen games?
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    Well the i7 3770k is at the top of the LGA1155 food chain so that's the obvious answer. A GTX 770 will be relevant for several years so they would be solid choices.
  2. The main performance boost would be the GPU but chances are that i3 would be crippling the GTX 770. So it may be a good idea to get the processor first and then the GPU when you feel you need to upgrade. Switching to the i7 will probably give you a 10FPS boost in most games anyway.
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