12-18 TB storage Raid 5. Is it possible?

I believe my company is looking for an SSD array / raid. 12-18 TB storage, Raid 5 (or other secure data storage array). Is it feasible? Does it exist? Is there another way to securely store 12-18 TB of data? Must be SSD. Let me know, thanks!!
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    Finding an SSD raid array capable of Raid 5 should be relatively simple; your biggest problem would be getting enough SSD drives for that much storage into one array. Keep in mind that with Raid 5, you lose the storage space of 1 disk in each array due to parity, so you would actually need about 20-25 TB of total drive space in order to accomplish this (depending on the size of each drive), and I would suggest more so you have some spare room to grow if necessary. From what I'm seeing online, you're looking at $600+ for a 1 TB SSD, and you would need 20+ of those which is not only expensive, but difficult to arrange in one box to create the raid array.

    All of those issues aside, technically it is possible to do this, it just won't be cheap and will probably take a significant amount of time to configure.
  2. Possible, of course, but you realize that a single 1TB SSD is running ~$600 (SAMSUNG 840 EVO 1TB SSD). That's over $11K for the 18TB RAID array.

    -Wolf sends

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  3. I use a lot of Adaptec cards, particularly the series 7 now. I have not used the largest, the 72405 HERE, but have used 16HDDs on the next smaller. It is a simple task to build an array, it just takes time -- although much less with SSDs.

    If you use 1TB SSDs you can easily build it, but I would really think about what you are using it for and what your budget is -- if you need enterprise quality SSDs this is a substantial cost project.
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