MOBO Problem for FX-6300

I'm currently confused with what MOBO to upgrade for my recently bought CPU. Everything that I've read in google says different things "Get this mobo, no don't get that, try this one ETC." I'm really frustrated I don't know who to believe can you help me guys out? What's the best cheapest recommended? It would be a big help.

Specs are:

CPU: FX-6300
MOBO: Redfox A78MLT
RAM: 2x4GB 1600
GPU: ATI HD 3000 on board
CASE: Black Mini ATX P600W

Oh and, is the casing enough and 600W? and do I need a cooling fan? I'm planning on getting a 7770 or a 7750 which ever is better.

Thanks in advance!
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    Get an Asus M5A97 R2.0 or the LE version board.It should satisfy your needs.In fact,while getting a mobo,keep in mind that that's the part where you put all your components onto.So it better be a good one rather than a cheap one.Get a good branded one like the Asus or Gigabyte and save yourself from troubles.You may get a cheap motherboard (Of course not of a good brand) which may offer eye catching features.But remember,they're not made of good quality materials like the branded ones are made.For example,the Asus are well known for their quality products,with better quality capacitors and stuff.So you get an Asus,you're safe like any other Asus mobo owner.Never run after cheap mobos,since they'll make you pay more than what you pay for a branded one. I mean in the future.
    And about the GPU,get the 7770.That's the better one of the two.
    About the PSU,if you're having a branded and trusted one like the Corsair or Seasonic,the system is extremely fine.But if it's some local PSU that comes with the case,I wouldn't consider it safe and secure,especially if you add a good GPU like the 7770 itself.Anyay,that PSU should power up the system fine,as long as it has enough current on the 12V rail.
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