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CPU reaches 90 degrees and case fans still ideling.

October 30, 2013 9:56:20 AM

needed assistance in changing mother board fan control to linear.
need help setting maximum CPU temp.
need help choosing CPU fan

I apologize, somehow i removed the entire post leaving only the above.

Hello everyone,
I'm very new to PC hardware so please be gentle.
I have an intel DH67BL mother board with i72600 processor and 8Gb RAM.
the casing has 2 Arctic F12 (3 wire) fans and the CPU has an Arctic alpine 11 rev.2 (92 mm) fan.
when ideling the computer runs at ~40 degrees and 1.6GHz, and fully loaded it reaches only 2.5 GHz.
While the CPU is supposed to run at 3.8GHz (with turbo boost) it gets very hot at 2.5GHz (90 degrees).
I understand I must add cooling to the CPU and have several questions:

1) why doesn't my CPU clock down and stay at 90 degrees when loaded?
2) what setting in the bios must i change to make it clock down at 80 degrees?
3) I've been trying to get the case fans to work at 1300 RPM (rated speed), but no matter what percentage duty cycle i set in the bios they stay at 400 RPM. how do i fix that?
4) I want to buy the Scythe Ninja 3 CPU cooler. will it be sufficient for my CPU (95 watt TDP)?
5) is it worthwhile to change the case fans to arctic F12 PWM? i'm suspecting that since the mother board has 4 pins for the case fans, it can't control the fan speed if they have only 3 wires.

Thanks in advance.