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Hi why eveytime i play battlefield 4 keep crashing? Does my pc problem?
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  1. I have the same problem. I googled it and it might be an onboard sound card issue. I haven't tried anything to fix it yet. The game isn't that good anyway.
  2. Any idea how to fix it? It trouble me alot.
  3. Don't worry guys! Over the past day I have seen tons and tons of posts about this! You are not alone! I would give you a list of things to try, but everyone else told me that they did nothing. Just wait for EA to get off their ass and fix it. :p
  4. Lastnight they released a patch around 900mb, maybe that solved the problem.
  5. I dont think it solve the problem. Still got crashing after the patch
  6. I get it too, pretty much once per map. However it seems very common on big servers (52+ players). I'd put it down to EA/Origin's side. Await a new patch and hope they get on to it quickly.
  7. Hopefully they will fix it sooner. feeling abit wasting money on it :c
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