Micro ATX board fit in a Prodigy case

I have seen this question asked before but I cannot find the specific answer I am looking for.

Can a micro atx board measure 22.5 CM x 17.4 cm /8.85 in x 6.85 in fit in a Prodigy Case. I know the Prodigy M is out but I am pretty sure I can fit it in a Prodigy with minimal modding.

Plus its $30 cheaper. Let me know
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  1. Prodigy is only for ITX
    Prodigy M is for MATX and ITX
    Also comes in white

    The Prodigy have the board place horizontally on the case. So it won't fit a matx
    Prodigy M has the board place vertically, but Prodigy does not have a motherboard tray.
    Price difference is $10-20
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