ASUS Z87 - Pro first boot

I'm getting very low CPU fan speeds on noctua NH-D14, how do I wake them up??
My case fans are fine.
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    "I get a CPU fan error using my Noctua PWM fan, is it faulty?
    Noctua PWM fans feature a minimum speed of 300rpm to allow for ultra quiet operation when your CPU is at idle state and doesn’t require higher cooling performance."
    You can disable or lower in BIOS the minimum CPU fan speed for warnings.
  2. Yeah I see now,
    I had to disable them in the UEFI under 'monitor' in order to boot after BIOS update.
    They run low (under 300rpm) but then at full they are at 1000+rpm which i can now control.
    Thanks alexoiu
  3. You're welcome.
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