[new builder] Final rig choices made. Will it all fit / work?

Hello All,
After spending hours going back and forth i think im done and wanted to know if this is all going to fit. This will be my first ever build and as such im a bit worried. I was a bit concerned when i hear that the n400 is a tight fit on the mobo and i feel the one i have chosen is quite big.

CPU: i5 4570 - 149.99
PSU: Corsair 600w -49.99
Ram: Vengence 8gb (2x4) - 63.99
GFX 770 - 215 (scan special)
Mobo - msi z87 gd65
SSD = msata 128 that comes with the msi z87 both together = 155
Case: N400 cool master ( my big concern here)
Keyboard and mouse: mad catz v5and v3 respectively.
HDD = older 1tb from an external drive.

Any help would be really appriciated.

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  1. Get a cheaper motherboard. You will not be overclocking so You can get an h87 board. That case is an mATX case and you have an ATX motherboard. it will not fit.
  2. The reason i chose the mobo was because it was cheaper with the msata then getting a 128gb ssd and a normal mobo. I assume i'll be able to use the msata like i would a normal ssd.
  3. Yes, if yo uuse Msata on some boards, the sata 6.0gb/s ports are slowed to 3gb/s. But, this is not going to bottleneck a HDD or DVD drive.

    BUT, that motherboard WILL NOT fit in that case.
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