PSU fan connectors, SeaSonic M12II 620W

I was wondering which connectors are meant to be used for the fans, regarding PSU SeaSonic M12II 620W.

Link to specs:

I have 4 chassis fans and 1 dedicated CPU fan...
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  1. If you are connecting your case fans directly to the PSU, use the molex connectors (with the appropriate adapter).
  2. Depending on motherboard you have one or two CPU fan connectors, then most boards have 2-4 Case fan connectors. Case fans would connect to Molex/peripheral connector on the PSU using and adapter if that route is taken.
  3. My MB has 1 CPU fan connector and 3 additional fan connectors.

    Would this adapter be cool?
    3 Pin to 2 x 3 Pin Computer Case Fan Y-Splitter Power Connector Adapter Cable
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    Yes it will work.
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