Recovering files from a formatted hard drive

Hello, I have made one of the most stupid computer mistakes I've made. After modifying a file from a football game to improve the playability, doing this job for weeks, I've gone and kept the wrong file, and I formatted my hard disk (because I changed from Windows 8 to Windows 7).

I've realized now, after one or two weeks. Hopefully I havent saved many files since then.

I have used a software called "iCare" to recover files, and it does find it, but once found it is corrupt/damaged (both the file and the .rar version I had).

Does somebody know a better software to recover files? is it really possible to recover the file?
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  1. That`s a shame.

    As I am sure you know you can format a drive.
    But one of the key factors to recovering files from it, is it must not be used or any other data placed on it after a format.

    Or the formatting type must not be changed.
    So if the drive was GPT for example and changed to NTFS you would reach the same problem.

    Because you are changing from Gpt to Ntfs how the file structure is laid down and mapped on the drive platter.

    That would also lead to the problem you have in finding each of the files you talk about but both are corrupt.

    Sorry to here about your problem, but as said once you start to write any data on a drive that was formatted your chances of recovering the old data can be slim.
  2. Thanks for the replies. So, once you change from GPT to NFTS and you write data, there is no program that can recover the files? or it is just a question of luck, with chances being nearly zero?

    I've tried Recuva, I will try the other one.

    Best regards and thanks for your time.

    P.S; I ve tried power recovery and it is no good. The only one that has showed at least the file is iCare, but completely damaged. It was a very small file, less than 1mb, and you were able to open it with notepad, but now it doesn't have one line of text of what it should have.
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