Is my gaming Pc bad?

I built a pc (this was my first build) and my friends say its completely horrible. I don't agree with them although I do think i made some mistakes when choosing the parts. I was just wondering if it really is that bad and what is wrong with it(Please be specific). Also if you have any suggestions for upgrading they would be helpful.
Thank you guys in advanced.
If i didn't list anything and you want to know it I most likely know it.
Cpu: Amd fx-4100 (they say that amd is complete garbage)
Gpu: asus gtx 760
Ram:corsair vengeance pro 16gb
Mobo: msi 970a-g46
Psu: corsair hx650
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1Tb
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  1. Upgrade the CPU to FX6300 and you are fine. The FX4100 is the worst of the FX CPU's and it is first generation as well and the second generation had some good improvements.
  2. its not that its bad. its just that the cpu is a below average one. you could have gone for an fx6300 which is a better cpu. and no, amd is not garbage.
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    mmmm... AMD isn't complete garbage... just bulldozer... which unfortunately your cpu is a bulldozer 4 core. you'd see a significant jump in performance with a piledriver fx6300 for a few dollars more then you spent on that 4100. Replace the cpu with a 6300, or if you really want to go hardcore get a 8320 or 8350... then get yourself a solid cpu cooler something basic like a hyper evo 212 if $$ is a concern, or something more robust like a h80i or nh-14d if money isn't a concern.

    Finally get yourself an SSD. 120gb, there are plenty around for $80-$90 that are solid... something like a samsung 840evo or a corsair neutron gtx or a kingston hyperx3... install your os and a few games on the SSD. with a moderate overclock on your new cpu your intel freinds will be blown away by what your "crap" amd machine is doing.
  4. Wow you guys answered my question fast! I just built this about a month ago so i will most likely upgrade in about 5-6 months. And thanks again.
  5. With your motherboard stick with 95 watt TDP CPU FX6300 as an example! Reason
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