What should I upgrade to get a massive fps boost when gaming?

As the title says, what should I upgrade in my computer to get a massive fps boost when gaming?

My hardware/gaming-rig:

Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Memory/RAM: 6144MB RAM DDR3.
Hard Drive: 128GB, OCZ-VERTEX4 ATA Device.
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5750.
Motherboard: M4A88T-M.

I want to increase my fps by quiet a bit, so I can play games on high and ultra quality without fps lag instead of medium.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. for the money a 6300 cpu and motherboard. if the ram is 2x4 1333 or faster then you can reuse it if not pick up a kit of ram. for the money the 7950 and 7870xt cards are on sale...
    if you cant do the price of the 6300 then get a 760k and mb it be faster then your old cpu and then drop in a good gpu.
  2. Start with a new graphics card. GTX770/R9 270x at a minimum. New Intel Core I5/I7 core system (Motherboard/CPU/RAM)

    -Wolf sends
  3. Wolfshadw said:
    Start with a new graphics card. GTX770/R9 270x at a minimum. New Intel Core I5/I7 core system (Motherboard/CPU/RAM)

    -Wolf sends

    These are a little bit too expensive, I can spend around $200~$250 dollars. Got any other requests?
  4. $200-$250 in total? if so just save up if you wanna upgrade both the CPU and GPU
  5. minkey said:
    Wolfshadw said:
    Start with a new graphics card. GTX770/R9 270x at a minimum. New Intel Core I5/I7 core system (Motherboard/CPU/RAM)

    -Wolf sends

    These are a little bit too expensive, I can spend around $200~$250 dollars. Got any other requests?


    -Wolf sends
  6. If only you had a cooler case it wouldn't matter because instead of looking at your monitor you could look at the case and realize that's all that really matters...

  7. the 1090T is still fine for gaming, it's a 6 core with more performance per clock than an fx 6300 (albeit without hyper-threading), so it's still strong for a year or 2, just focus on a new GPU because that HD 5750 is old and a new one you benefit you the MOST out of any other single component in your system, go for something like:
    HD 7870 Tahiti LE
    biggest bang for buck you'll ever get out of a GPU, you pay $140 after MIR for the performance of $200+, can run modern games just fine on 1080p (high settings or tweaked ultra completely possible) at high frame rates

    HD 7950
    another big performance/price card, both of the above options are great, fits your 250 budget snugly

    or one of the new R9 270x's
    the above is fine or you can get a factory OC'd one for slightly higher performance (will usually be the more expensive cards like at 229.99, they will either come with better coolers, a factory OC, or both)

    again, do not replace your CPU, it is completely fine and would actually still be a recommended buy for a budget gaming CPU to this day if not for the fact that the Thubans have been out of production. If you have doubts then buy an after market cooler along with a new GPU and give it a good 0.5 Ghz overclock. Trust me the Thubans are better than people give them credit for, switching to an FX would be more lateral movement (or even a downgrade in terms of single core performance) than an upgrade.
    And of course upgrading to an i5 3570k would be ideal, since it is the sweet spot for gaming after all, hefty core performance with good overclocking ability. But considering your budget, a new GPU would be best.
    Your RAM could use a slight upgrade but that can wait, 6Gb is still fine today, but perhaps you should look into a nice 8Gb 1600MHz kit or something similar in a year or 2
  8. Yeah I totally agree with the CPU breakdown above, But if you REALLY want that performance boost I would recommend 2 7850s CFX because the raw performance spanks that of a 7970 and that's still a high end card, but you need at least a 700-750. They'll probably run you a little bit over $250, $260 actually


    plus you get 4 FREE GAMES with them that's over $100 value. Your System will tear it up after that then I would go with some Gskill Ripjaw 8GB kit RAM as said before, or Kingston HyperX they're both good sets but they're also cheaper than Corsair Vengeance by a good amount.

    PSU needs to be in that sweet spot of range as well don't forget that, I would probably upgrade on down the line to an FX8350 because the prices are expected to drop in the next 2-3 months and then it'll be easily doable to pick up a great CPU and MOBO for under 250 or right around that area.
  9. For now i would just spend the money on a graphics card. That's the weak link in your system.
    The rest can be done later but for the best FPS boost you need a new graphics card. Of course some games are more CPU intensive than others so the CPU might hold you back a little depending on what game your playing.
  10. What PSU do you have?
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