need to split HDD partition on Acer Aspire One netbook having Win XP v2002 sp3 Home Edition

I have Acer Aspire One netbook having (pre-installed by vendor) Win XP Home Edition v2002 SP3 and HDD with two partitions:
1. PQSERVICE 4.88GB FAT32 (hidden partition)
2. ACER (C) 144GB NTFS.
How I can split second partition to two parts?
Everything prepared for this action - I cleaned and removed all non-necessary progs/data (now 77% of disc space is empty) and optimized data with Defragmenter.
But I don't see any possibilities to do this (split disk on two partitions) with Windows Computer Management tool (Storage > Disk Management).

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  1. There are many programs to partition your drive without affecting the data.
  2. Thank you for reply and link.
    I just wonder about absence of that embedded possibility in WinXP Home Edition. Maybe due to some restriction for Netbooks with XP home. (?)
    Maybe it is impossible at all, even with tools mentioned in your link?
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    My apologies, I didn't read your second post very well. I am quite sure that Win XP does not have a partitioning feature, as I remember ( 6 years ago?!) asking my computer genius friend what to do and was given a copy of Partition Magic for my Win XP machine.

    If you do have issues ( you probably won't ) you could still (!!):

    If it doesn't want to work, you could always take it out and install it in an external enclosure and do the partitioning on someone elses larger Win 7 or 8 desktop. It won't make a difference as long as you make sure to use the same file format, Fat 32 or NTSF for your system. The software will allow you to use a different format than the native format from the main system compared to the disc you are partitioning. NTSF- Native, and fat32 for Win XP. Double check which format you have and don't change it even though you could!
  4. Thank you avjguy2362.
    I did everything that I need using first tool from you link - Mini Tool Partition Wizard.
    Nice tool and very convenient.
    Thank you again!
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