Can I overclock my Amd fx-4100 on stock cooling

I want to know if i can overclock my amd fx-4100 as i think its bottlenecking my Gpu(asus gtx 760). I also want to know how to as i'm kind of scared. As i said i'm on stock cooling but i have the haf 922 case which i think provides better than average cooling. My current temps on prime95 is 43C and on intel burn test 45C.
Thank you guys in Advanced for your help.
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    Do not overclock with the FX default stock...
    Trust me, get an after market cooler such as or
  2. Many MB's have software to do this for you automatically. If there is software available, you should use it and study the changes it makes to the multiplier, hyper transport bus and Vcore. In most cases you can safely change the multiplier and nothing else. Your stock multiplier is 18 to give you a 3.6 Ghz frequency. Try changing it to 19 ( without software you must do this in the BIOS ), 3.8 Ghz ( this will be safe ) and watch the temp while doing a prime 95 run. IF the temps are reasonable, you keep going up a little at a time. At a certain point you would want to increase the Vcore to 1.4v, but that will vary with your chip, the heat and cooler. There are smarter more advanced ways to OC, but that is where I recommend beginners use software to watch and see how the software manipulates more variables like the HT. BTW, Get a better cooler! I used Asus's AI suite OC tool, and watched it to learn!
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