I am looking to buy a new mother board, graphics card, and cpu. Optimized for playing Battle feild 4 on ultra settings.

I am looking to upgrade the cpu, motherboard and Graphics Card optimized for BF4. I have milled around the interweb for some time now and have come across hundreds of answers. I would like something that I can play battlefield 4 on ultra settings and something that will last for a while and wont be outdated next week. Something that I can play games on now and future games later down the road.
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  1. And your budget is?
  2. id say under 1000$
    for the cpu I was thinking i5 4670K is that a decent choice? the pc is just for gaming
  3. CPU- i7 4770k
    MB- Asus Sabertooth z87
    GPU- EVGA GTX 780

    just these 3 parts will cost you 1156$ and you need 5 more parts to finish the build , so you got to up the stakes more if you want ultra on bf 4
  4. I am upgrading my current system so I have everything else. I just needed advise on the more crucial pieces of the build.
  5. i5 4670k will serve you well, with a bit overclocking and a z87 motherboard and gtx 780 or r9 290x
  6. is there any gain in getting the dual bios gtx780?
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    get a R9 290 ( non reference cooler btw ) and i5 4670k , and for the mobo :ASRock Z87 Extreme4 LGA 1150
    should cost you around $ 830
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