Gaming on PC when using mainboard ports AND PCI-e card possible ?

Presently have 4 screens for general productivity;

- 2 screens (HDMI & DVD-D) off Intel HD 2000 iGPU
- 2 screens (HDMI & DVD-D) off Nvidia 210 PCI-e x16

My game benchmark always lists the integrated graphics in its results. This even happens when the game is running full screen on the monitor which is connected to the PCI-e card.

I want to upgrade the PCI-e card to get good frame rates on the game, but cannot see any point if the game will always use the Intel iGPU anyway.

My question(s) are:

(1) Is it possible to "force" the game to use the PCI-e card, even though I have iGPU active ?
(2) Is it possible that the game is already using the PCI-e GFX but not reporting it ?

Note: my chipset came out before the "dynamic" system on later Intel Z chipsets.
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  1. What are your computer's specs?

  2. Hi Casey;

    Windows Home Premium SP1 64bits
    Gigabyte GA-H67MA-UD2H-B3 v1.1 (Bios F7)
    Intel Core i5-2500 & stock cooler
    2 x 4GB Nanya Technology Elixir M2F4G64CB8HB5N-CG /PC3-10700
    2 x 4GB Nanya Technology Elixir M2X4G64CB8HG5N-DG /PC3-12800
    GFX#1 - Intel HD 2000 IGP
    GFX#2 - Asus Geforce EN210 1GB PCI-E 16x
    4 x Samsung EX2220X LCD
    Intel X25-M 80GB
    550W PSU
  3. It would seem to be a case of user error. I was actually running the game on a screen connected to the Intel HD 2000

    When running on a display connected to the PCI-e I get better frame rates & the benchmark lists the discreet card.

    Problem solved.
  4. Good to hear you fixed it.

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