GTX 780 price drop?

Dear forumers,

I am looking to buy a GTX 780 card. Recently, Nvidia dropped the price of the aforementioned card due to the release of amd r9 290x:,news-46028.html

My question is, will there be a further price drop for the current card when the new gtx 780 Ti is released? should i wait till then or is it safe to purchase now?
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  1. It's hard to say really. It also looks like Nvidia is refreshing the 'regular' GTX 780 with a new 780 Ghz Edition.

    Who knows where prices may end up. Personally I think the 780 will be where they announced at $499 US and the 780 Ghz Edition will be $50-$100 more. The standard 780 already was a good overclocker so with updated silicon the Ghz Edition should be even better.
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