Can i install games on another hard drive apart from the OS one?

I have a 720gb SSD/HDD Hybrid drive which i use as my main OS drive and i also have a 64 gig ssd drive which is empty ... they are both connected to my pc. Is there any way i can install and run the games from the 64gb ssd instead of the ssd/hdd to get a better performance without having to move my OS to the other drive?.
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  1. Absolutely. I have my OS on an SSD and have a separate HD that I use for music, games, etc.
  2. yes you can install games on any HDD/SSD you have connected to your pc, just change the default installation folder when prompted in the game installer.
  3. Yes, no problem.
    And if you're using Steam, you can designate that alternate location in the client settings.
  4. has anyone found this to affect the performance by much?
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