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Okay well yesterday I got a new video card for my computer (Gtx 660) and before I had the card I never had any random shutdowns but now when I start up say Arma 3 I can play for maybe 10 minutes before it turns off and I noticed it seemed like the gpu temp was okay but the cpu temp was much higher than normal and right now the average temp is about 43 Celsius, is that normal or no?
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  1. if the cpu temp is 43 on load while playing the game that is good....have you installed the latest drivers for your card? and what cpu do you have? and do you have a stock cpu cooler?
  2. Not on load sadly I cant remember what it is on that give me a few minutes and ill tell you and yes they are up to date I checked and hour or so ago and it is an AMD 8120 also sadly yes its stock I had a water cooled one but I installed it and the computer would turn on for 5 seconds then turn off so yeah:p im looking at new air coolers right now though
  3. also what the size and model of your power supply.
  4. BFG is the brand which I know isn't the best and plus I bought it like 4 years ago as well so that may be one problem and it's a 550 watt with a +12v1 at 20 amps and +12v2 at 20 amps so I figured that would be plenty since the rating for the gpu is only 24 amps and a max power supply of 430 watts and I dont have a ton of money right now so these were my choices for a quick stable fix for a little while
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