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Has anyone else had any issues with using the microsoft live account to sign in? I kept on getting an action center message saying to sign in with my most recent password and when I clicked on it I was still signed in and it did nothing....Also I was having issues with homegroup sharing. I could not access any shared folders on any of my networked pc's . It would say my account does not have permissions to access the folders. I no longer sign in to my pc with my microsoft account I am using a local account on the computer and now I am having no issues
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  1. i got the same issue after upgrade from win8 to win 8.1 have you tried to go back to the microsoft account after going to windows account? here is what I found on microsoft support but this seems totally a bother, and unacceptable being that a phone is also associated with this account.
  2. yea I have tried going back to the live account and the issue still persists...Right now im just using a regular windows account , But that is a good link that you showed me because maybe I will try a new microsoft account. I even tried reinstalling windows and starting with the live account, I thought maybe because when I first installed windows on the comp I didnt have any internet access because I had just build the tower so I had started with a local account...
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