can i use vga-dvi adapter with 2-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio Support

im planning to buy a graphic card, sapphire radeon hd 7850 2GB gddr5, and it has no vga, only dvi and hdmi.. can i use dvi adapter for this video card? im using d-link 2-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio Support
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    As long as the card has a DVI-I(has 4 extra pins on the one side), you can use a DVI -> VGA adapter.

  2. okay, thanks!! :) hoping that there will be no problem.
  3. Up to this point all cards seem to have the ability to drive at least ONE vga screen by passive adapter.

    It is important to know that the release of the new R9 cards from AMD seen to no longer support ANY analog without an active adapter. The reference cards not seem to use DVI-D only making the passive DVI->VGA adapters not fit any more.

    I am not sure if the feature is still in the card and third parties can or can not use it.
  4. kvm switch didnt work at my new card... :( but its ok, the sapphire hd 7850 includes vga-dvi adapter... thanks for the reply sir..
  5. That is strange. My old cheap Nextech KVM worked fine with DVI -> VGA. I only stopped using it because it was PS2 only and my screens had multiple inputs(single button switch from pc to pc).

    I used one of these(well one that had only 4 ports, but later picked this up when it was on clearance[my 4 port one still worked, but the switches had started to stick]) to take care of the switching mouse/keyboard/card reader/ect. Nice thing is it can switch each device.
  6. unfortunately there is no vga port on my gpu.. i tried kvm switch and then put the vga-dvi adapter. and the kvm switch didnt work...
  7. The gpu works directly on the computer screen with the DVI -> VGA adapter?
  8. nukemaster said:
    The gpu works directly on the computer screen with the DVI -> VGA adapter?

    yes, but when i tried to use the kvm switch, there is no display at all..
  9. Strange indeed.

    I know sometimes I had to hit a hot key(my KVM did not use buttons on the unit.) when adding a new system, but I am sure you already have tried all the standard KVM trouble shooting.

    I wonder if it was taking some power from the VGA port that is not on the new card. Does it also have a second computer on it as well.
  10. theres no second computer, i just like to use kvm so i can extend my mouse and keyboard.. and yes i did all the troubleshooting..but still no luck. hehe!
  11. damn. bad luck I guess.

    You may be able to get a longer cable and extension for extending your wires. Maybe be a better option if you do not use multiple pcs.
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