Overclocking guide to the sapphire 7950

So yeah, I was wondering what clocks you guys got out of it and what speeds you recommend, I plan on sticking with the stock cooler. It is already boosted but I'm sure I could safely push it farther, anyway here's the card. So yeah tell me like the MHz, memory you out it up to BUT absolutely NO overvolting.
I only say no overvolting due to the fact that I don't understand it, is it that I would need to increase the voltage to allow the fans to run faster to allow the card to be pushed further without overheating? Or does the actual MHz increase require more voltage. I have also been lead to believ by others on youtube that overvolting is very dangerous and can break a card or shorten the life span tremendously. Help this naive teenager please
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  1. I don't have an AMD card myself, and I've never had one. But overvoltage and mhz aren't related when overclocking :)
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    Also, if you're a beginner to overclocking, I would recommend using a software overclocking program such as MSI Afterburner just incase something goes wrong. :p
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