Dell Inspiron 1720 won't boot, blinking HD light

I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 that won't boot. Pulled the memory stick, got message on screen to try to reset the memory. Killed the power and reset the memory. Still, power button led is on solid, then HD activity indicator does a double blink, slight pause, then another double blink.... and black screen. Hmmm. Any ideas?
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    when you killed the power did you take the battery out as well? I like to let my stuff sit for like 10-15 minutes.

    Also pay attention to the Num/Scroll/Caps lock and what blinks and in what order.
  2. I didn't leave the battery out that long. The only blinking lights are the ones I mentioned. No other sounds or blinks. Sounds grim to me! HOWEVER, I'll give it another go later when I get home and report back. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I have the same exact problem. I replaced the mother board and the processor still nothing. I've tried powering with the battery alone and with it removed. I've removed the HD and tried, I've done some trick where you hold the FN key and power up, I've tried to borrow my neighbors sledge hammer but they aren't home... this is weird I'm thinking of replacing my shoes next and maybe I'll get a haircut haha WTF!!!!
  4. I got carried away, disassembled the laptop looking for anything loose etc. Nothing found BUT when put back together, it acted differently.

    Battery is no good, but still put it in the machine. Plugged in the power supply, hit the power key, and got more lights this time.

    3 lights above middle of keyboard, solid except center LED slow blink on and off. On right side the power led solid glow, the HD light solid glow, no further action. Thanks for any idea.
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