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So with the nvidea price cuts the 780 is now only $540 (Nvidea fan) and iv heard some rumors that broadwell will require new motherboards wile still on the 1150 socket will require a new mobo

I want to build a system that will rock on for next four years (going to college, bad time to build I know) and want the best parts to last that long. and I want to know a few things

Should I just wait for the 780ti and a little more cash, I know its overkill for a single monitor, but I like really good parts (Nvidea fan, but open to 290x if new coolers come out)

Is Haswell really worth getting over Ivy with lower prices on Ivy and with new motherboard going to be needed for Broadwell.

I want to do low to medium overclock eventually and Ill buy a cpu cooler when I decide to overclock.

using a single 24' monitor 60ghz refresh rate

this is my build and budget is $1600 although it goes over I
going to see if I can scrounge up some pennies from under the couch.

Case- Cooler master HAF x-
Motherboard- Msi MPower z77-
Cpu-i7 3770k-
GPU- Msi gtx 780 lightning-
Ram-Patriot 16gb 1600mhz-
Psu- Corsair 750w-
HDD- 1tb seagate barracudea-,200_RPM_SATA_60Gb-s_35_Internal_Hard_Drive_ST3100005N1A1AS
SSD- Kingston Hyperx 240gb -
Blu-ray drive-LG x12 burner-
OS-Windows 7-already bought
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    Good build but would lose the mobo (MSI has poor QC, won't touch their mobos) and get the AsRock Z77 Extreme 4, been the best selling and best rated Z77 almost since the release of the Z77s
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