AMD 1090t, what do you you guys think.

To all the knowledgeable people here.. essentially I have an older rig that I've been using for the last number of years, a 3.2(ish)Ghz overclocked Q6600. Right now, I'm looking into upgrading this system... Thing is I'm right now in possession of a used 1090t which was basically given to me along with a Gigabyte 880GMA-UD2H.

In the near future I was looking at upgrading to a Haswell core i5 to replace the aging Q6600, which has been serving me incredibly well. Obviously I'm going to need to upgrade the rest of the components. I was starting to think about using the AMD hardware as a interim upgrade, figuring the 2 extra cores of the of the 1090t should help it along nicely (in multithreaded situations) but the motherboard probably won't be overly wonderful for overclocking.. which would be an issue with single threaded performance.

I guess what I'm asking is, do I use the AMD hardware as an interim machine until I upgrade, which if I took that path would be after Christmas (I'm thinking maybe Mar).. or do I just think about selling it on and putting the money straight into a new 4670k Intel rig. I'm wanting to give the Q6600 along to my daughter as a general purpose (and The Sims)/school computer (rather then selling it).
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  1. I don't know if this helps you, but my GF uses a machine thats based on a 1090T in a 990FX board and a HD7950 GPU and she has no problem running every games out on high or max settings, even BF4 she is playing on high settings just fine at @1080p.
  2. What tasks?

    For gaming there probably isn't much of a difference. More so if you have a lower end board that won't OC the 1090. If you have the parts for free it won't cost you anything to test. But I doubt you'll see much difference with either system.
  3. Hi, sorry it's taken me so long to post a reply, this is the fist chance I've had since yesterday as things keep coming up. The tasks I do, do involve some gaming, mostly I prefer RTS, RPGS and Racing, my wife is actually the one who prefers shooters. But in reality gaming only makes up a part of what we need computers for, now I'm hardly going to say I'm the highest end power user. My normal tasks however, relate to graphic design both 2D and 3D, with some video encoding thrown in.

    The 6600 whilst still being admirable for it's age, is starting to be in desperate need of upgrading. The reason I've gotten away with keeping it for so long, is because it's not my heavy lifting machine. The heavier stages of my work are currently done using a dual Opteron 6178 workstation. I have a friend who is an extreme computer nut, give me among some other bits, pieces and alcohol... the Phenom and mobo after helping them move about 130 miles.. as I've known them for years. Getting a bit off topic there.

    I'm thinking maybe I do setup the 1090t to use in the interim and then that's the one I can then give to our daughter, maybe sell the q6600. After some further research I'm definitely going to wait until next year before fully deciding on a new computer. See what's happening with AMD and steamroller.
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    Here is how the 1090T benches against the Q8400. I picked the 8400 over the 6600 as you said you had the 6600 OC'd. You also said the 1090 would most likely be stock.

    With rare exceptions the 1090 is faster. I'm not 100% convinced its faster enough where you can "feel it", and I don't think its faster enough where you should spend money on it. But seeing as you have the parts I do think you should switch over. Didn't cost you anything and should be a nice boost.
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