Red CPU_LED upon boot up Z87-A motherboard upgrade build

So I upgraded my CPU to a fourth gen i7-4470k from a 3rd gen i5-3570k, and in order to do that I had to upgrade my motherboard to a Z87-A. I did that and rebuilt it and placed everything back in order within my case. I try to boot it up and I get a steady solid red CPU_LED light. What am I doing wrong? I have looked through the forums to find similar problems and it seems most people recommend looking for bent pins, now this is my first build and first upgrade, I am only 16 so I don't know too much about this stuff. I looked for bent pins and didn't notice any, it is possible I could have missed them. I have no idea what else I should do in order to fix this. I should also mention that occasionally it will boot up perfectly fine. For it to do this I have noticed that I must shut it on and off a few times. After i do this 3-4 times (sometimes more, sometimes less), the computer boots up perfectly normal like nothing was ever wrong. When it doesn't boot up the red CPU_LED is solid steady and on. What should i do to fix this??


CPU: 4th gen i7-4470k
GPU: gigabyte gtx 670 windforce
Motherboard: ASUS Z87-A
RAM: 2x corsair vengeance 8GB sticks
SSD(s): 2x Intel 120GB internal SSD
PSU: 700W 80 plus certified OCz

P.S. in advance I would like to apologize for any spelling errors, miss use of common terms, or anything else I may have done wrong in this post.
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  1. 4770k, I guess.
    It might be a faulty connection for the 8 pin power cable.
    Try testing the board outside the case.
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    A few things to try:

    1) What Alexiou says above about trying the board outside the case.

    2) Try with only one memory module. See if that affects how frequently the board will POST. If it POSTs every time with on module then it's a memory related issue.

    3) If 2 above checks out, use USB BIOS flashback with a USB flash drive formatted to FAT32 to update to the latest UEFI build on the ASUS support page for the Z87-A. You can find instructions on how to use USB BIOS flashback in your manual.

  3. Bios flashback is NOT supported by the Z87-A.
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