BSOD Page fault in non paged area?

I can't seem to find the cause of this issue. Every once and a while my brand new build will blue screen and give me "page fault in non paged area". Now I did take the time to run memtest86 last night and it gave me no bad sectors, everything was fine. What other components can cause this screen?

I noticed a couple things:
- It only happens when the computer just starts up, nearly right after logging into windows, or after coming out of sleep
- After it happens the computer turns back on and it doesn't come back until the computer goes to sleep or gets turned off again.

These symptoms elude me and I can't figure it out. Ideas?
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  1. Will you do me a favour mate?

    Restart your computer and go into BIOS. You'll have to press F2 or F10 or 'Delete' or something.

    Just have a look and see if your time and date are correct. If they are, cool, if not, set them to their proper values and turn off the computer. Then disconnect the power supply and disconnect the battery.

    Leave it for half an hour, connect everything back up, restart the computer and then have a look at the time and date in BIOS again.

    Some computers have a rechargeable CMOS battery but after a while, like all rechargeables, they become less efficient and eventually, they will fail to hold a charge for any significant period of time.

    So I'm thinking, CMOS battery goes flat; CMOS settings are lost; computer is powered up; CMOS defaults load; CMOS battery begins to take a small amount of charge.

    Windows starts up; Windows looks at CMOS settings and tries to work with them; default CMOS settings cause a conflict with Windows, perhaps because CMOS chip hasn't had time to become fully functional; Blue Screen of Death!

    Windows restarts; adjusts its starting configuration in accordance with the most recent error report; Windows modifies CMOS; the CMOS battery now has enough charge to remember the correct working configuration; no Blue Screen of Death.

    No new error report generated.

    Subsequent restarts are successful because Windows doesn't re-check the configuration; it just implements the settings that now work and reads them from CMOS unquestioningly; it assumes they are okay. And it is usually okay to do that, however...

    The computer is shut down or turns itself off; the CMOS battery discharges; working configuration settings are lost; conflict; Blue Screen of Death.

    Does this make sense?

    It's probably something else though.

    The way you describe it suggests to me that you have a failing rechargeable CMOS battery.
  2. Possible bad RAM; 0x50, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA is one of the more common BSOD's that typically indicates a failed stick of RAM (though the HDD and BIOS settings could also generate it). Run memtest86+ for a bit an see if any failures pop up. If so, test each stick one at a time to isolate the bad one(s).
  3. Already ran memtest with no errors whatsoever. So I'll give the above solution a shot when I get back from First Aid. Sounds logical enough that it just might work.

    That actually makes sense since it seems that the computer will work fine after it blue screens once. The code has rarely ever been different, except today when it came out of sleep it threw Quota Underflow.
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