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Which CF card can meet professional photographers ?
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  1. Short answer: a hand full of (maybe) 8GB 800x-1,000x brand-name CF cards and a couple of readers by the same maker.

    Long answer: CF cards are ranked in "X"es. These are the same "X"es that old CD drives used. (Do You remember 8x and 52x CD-R drives?) 1x=150KB/s, 8x=1,200KB/s=1.2MB/s.

    The top-end CF cards can reach 800x and 1,000x speeds. That's 133MB/s and 150MB/s. These are also the top speeds old IDE hard disks claimed to reach. This is because CF cards are basically an IDE SSD with a different physical connector.

    Pro Photogs use a high-speed card. You would think they would use the largest card out there, but they (usually) don't. A large card makes for a terrific (terrible?) single point of failure. A hand full of 800x 8GB CF cards would be more typical.

    As for brand names, most Pro Photogs love one or two brand names, and avoid others. Big brands are less likely to exagerate, or (much worse!) to loose a bunh of pics from a shoot.

    There are odd incompatibilities You would not think of. For maximum speed, the card reader should be the same brand as the CF card. There are odd cases where on brand of reader really slows down with another brandof card. There are also cases where on brand or model of camera really slows down with a certain brand or model of memory card.

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