Once again, 3gb 7950 vs superclocked gtx 760

So this is the 2nd time I have out this up, as, as soon as I pick an answer or make up my mind I just get more confused, anyway. It's between the sapphire 3gb 7950 w/boost £212 which I plan on overclocking to 7970 stock speeds, and the evga superclocked 760, my main priority is to play bf4 at ultra with decent fps, now, I know both cards can do it, but I'm still having issues, one person says nvidia another radeon. The price difference is £4 roughly so meh, no biggy. My main concern is that on anandtech, it doesn't have the superclocked option of the 760, or is it implied? My other concern is mantle, that has confused me more than inception confuses a 90 year old with 1 eye. I have no idea whether getting the 7950 is better due to mantle coming out, as soon as I think it's the better option I look at other threads and everyone is satin the 760 is better, but when I looked at the benchmarks here
It isn't very good at all. Someone help me before I stab myself in the face with a pencil.
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    My answer both cards are good but I would choose the 7950 with boost.
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