Trouble getting my new graphics card to work.

I recently bought a graphics card and made sure that it met all of the system specs with my computer, I then attempted to install it. I was promptly given 6 beeps upon starting up my computer. After looking for a while, I found out that there is a security feature on windows 8 that keeps me from installing things to my PCIe port until I turn it off. I turned off the security to said PCIe port, and as a result, I could plug in my graphics card without error, however, when I try to use the graphics card, my screen remains black.
I tried the same graphics card on another of my computers and it worked fine.
Any idea what my next step should be?
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  1. *Edit* noticed that it worked on other comps
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    if you have built in video port. turn on muilt monitor support in the bios. see if that turns on the gpu or set the gpu as the first video output. if there no video...update your bios on your mb.
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